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  • 10 Apr 2019
  • 21 Nov 2022
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April 2019 - The Colloquium for Information Systems Security announces the release of the Spring 2019 issue of our bi-annual publication.


Volume 6, Issue 2

What you will find in this issue are eight carefully selected articles that discuss aspects of existing threats or new issues that are arising. The articles here represent many avenues of thought. It is our considered opinion that this sort of wide-ranging dialogue constitutes the first steps in overcoming existing biases and lack of knowledge and it takes the first steps in ensuring that cybersecurity education will evolve into the kind of main tent profession that we all want it to be.


  • NICERC's Cyber Interstate: The Next Generation of Cyber Worker can be Found at the Intersection of Classroom Content and Teacher Support
  • Cyber Security Education for Liberal Arts Institutions
  • Cybersecurity Education with POGIL: Experiences with Access Control Instruction
  • Engaging Airmen with Cyber Education and Training: Designing a Platform Using Gamification
  • Example Security Injections for Hardware Courses
  • Modules for Teaching Secure in Android Application Development
  • QUASIM: A Multi-dimensional Quantum Cryptography Game for Cyber Security
  • Unplugged Robotics as a Platform for Cybersecurity Education in the Elementary Classroom

Available for purchase on Amazon. Past issues are available on CISSE's Open Journal repository.