27th Colloquium

  • 27 Feb 2024
  • 7 Mar 2024
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February 2024 - The Colloquium for Information Systems Security Education announces the release of the Winter 2024 issue of our Journal publication. This volume highlights academic papers presented at the 27th Colloquium (November 2023) that foster significant advances in the body of knowledge. A special thanks to paper authors, reviewers, and editors for their time and dedication.


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Volume 11, Issue 1

This year, 14 Papers were accepted that came from across the US and internationally. The Journal publishes all submitted papers of significant value to the Colloquium members and the field, after passing a peer review process and review by the Editorial Board.

Papers reflect innovative developments in the curricular and laboratory content, with more professional context to increase students' level of engagement and vision for their future. Preparing students to defend space systems, wireless systems, social media, and software systems. Artificial intelligence and gamification continue to play innovative roles in instructional technology and design and now as topics of cybersecurity analysis. Core cybersecurity subjects like forensics, Internet of things security, security operations center management, data privacy, and risk management were advanced by the contribution of our authors.

We welcomed the Conference on Cybersecurity Education, Research and Practice (CCERP) as a separate track. A portion of their proceedings are published in a separate section within the hard copy of the Journal of the Colloquium.

We welcomed the 5th Annual Public Infrastructure Security Cyber Education System (PISCES) workshop, with research available in CISSE's Open Journal alongside the printed copy. PISCES provides a special opportunity for students to contribute directly to the cybersecurity of small and medium sized governments while maintaining confidentiality of governmental data.

The Editorial Board would like to thank all those who participated, in particular the journal's Program Committee members who enabled the peer review process.

Portions of this issue are also publicly available on our Open Journal repository.

Journal of the Colloquium for Information Systems Security Education

The following works are also available on our Open Journal repository.

  • Addressing the Need for Interculturality in Cybersecurity Education
  • An Analysis of Prerequisites for Artificial Intelligence / Machine Learning-Assisted Malware Analysis Learning Modules
  • An Exploration of Factors Influencing Oversharing on Facebook Groups
  • Assessing Common Software Vulnerabilities in Undergraduate Computer Science Assignments
  • Assessing the Effectiveness and Security Implications of AI Code Generators
  • Creating a Practical Education in Space Cybersecurity Through Antenna Design and Implementation
  • Develop and Disseminate Hands-on Lab Materials of Privacy Concepts and Technologies to Educators
  • Evaluation of AI Models to Update Cybersecurity Curriculum 
  • Immersive Learning: Understanding the Psychology of Crime Using Virtual Reality
  • Impact of a Cybersecurity Work-Related Course on Students' Career Thoughts and Attitudes: A PISCES Course Evaluation
  • Leveraging Gamification and Game-based Learning in Cybersecurity Education: Engaging and Inspiring Non-Cyber Students
  • The Design and Development of Hands-on Activities for Digital Forensics Education
  • Transforming Cyber Education thru Open to All Accessible Pathways
  • What Is Interesting and Relevant About Cybersecurity? NLP Analysis of a Survey of CS Students

Proceedings of the 2023 Conference on Cybersecurity Education, Research and Practice (CCERP)

The following works are only exhibited in the print edition. For full-papers, please visit The Proceedings of the KSU Conference on Cybersecurity Education, Research and Practice.

  • Exploring Information Privacy Concerns During the COVID-19 Pandemic: A Juxtaposition of Three Models
  • Quantum Computing: Computing of the Future Made Reality
  • RFID Key Fobs in Vehicles: Unmasking Vulnerabilities & Strengthening Security
  • The Impact of Individual Techno-characteristics on Information Privacy Concerns in the Diffusion of Mobile Contact Tracing
  • Towards Assessing Cybersecurity Posture of Manufacturing Companies: Review and Recommendations

The 5th Annual Public Infrastructure Security Cyber Education System (PISCES) Workshop

The following works are also available on our Open Journal repository.

  • The PISCES Approach to Cyber Education
  • Small Cities, Big Threats: Cyber Risk in Municipal Governments