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  • 17 Sep 2013
  • 17 Sep 2013
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All institutions that currently hold an NSA/DHS CAE designation in Information Assurance (both 4Y and 2Y) and/or Research are required to apply for designation under the new CAE IA/CD Program by December 2014. Under the revised NSA/DHS CAE Program, institutions are required to meet the applicable CAE Program Criteria and map their curriculum to the IA/CD academic requirements (Knowledge Units - KUs) in one application. There is also now an option of applying for a designation in a Focus Area.

*** Mapping courseware to the Committee on National Security Systems (CNSS) training standards is no longer a prerequisite to apply.

Below are the:

  • Finalized guidance for designation as a NSA/DHS National Center of Academic Excellence in Information Assurance/Cyber Defense. Overall program guidance document for all CAE programs
  • CAE IA/CD, CAE 2Y and CAE-R program criteria
  • 2-year Core, 4-year Core, and Optional Knowledge Unit (KU) documents
  • Optional CAE IA/CD Focus Area designation information. All 2-year, 4-year and graduate level institutions have the option to apply for one or more CAE IA/CD Focus Area designations.
  • Schedule for current NSA/DHS CAEs in IA to apply for CAE in IA/CD designation. Those not currently a NSA/DHS CAE can apply at any time, but reviews of the current NSA/DHS CAE in IA applications will take precedence. Please refer to the attached schedule to find out when your institution is scheduled to apply.
  • Suggestions to enhance the CAE programs may be submitted at anytime to By working together, we can help ensure the CAE criteria will continue to evolve to help protect our nation from the adversaries! All suggestions will be taken into consideration and may be incorporated into the CAE designation criteria - after the initial 2014 designation cycle is completed. So, suggest away!

Although the CAE application website is not available at this time, the above guidance can be used to gather all of the necessary information for a strong submission before the website opens. Thank you for patience while the new CAE application website is finalized.


The CAE Team!

#DocumentTypeFile Size
1 2014 CAE Designation Schedule pdf 132 KB
2 2014 CAE FA-KU Matrix xlsx 41 KB
3 2014 CAE IA-CD Criteria pdf 208 KB
4 2014 CAE Knowledge Units pdf 677 KB
5 2014 CAE KU Mapping Matrix xlsm 608 KB
6 2014 CAE Program Guidance pdf 69 KB
7 2014 CAE-R Criteria pdf 142 KB
8 2014 Core 4Y Mandatory KU Checklist (Revised 10/21/13) pdf 80 KB
9 2014 KUs-Focus Area List pdf 225 KB
10 2014 Optional KU Checklist pdf 280 KB

2014 CAE IACD Package (zip)
Revised 10/21/13