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  • 2 Aug 2013
  • 2 Aug 2013
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July 17, 2013 a member of the CISSE Board delivered Erich Spengler his "namesake" award at Moraine Valley Community College.

MVCC is the home for CSSIA which is committed to serving the needs of the higher education academic community in the areas of curriculum, faculty development, cyber skills competitions and underrepresented outreach.

The award reads:

The Colloquium for Information Systems Security Education Erich Spengler Student Cyber Paper Award, May 31, 2013

Whereas we have named the student award the "Erich Spengler Student Cyber Paper" in honor of Erich Spengler's many years in support of student centered cyber education
Whereas he has been a long-time advocate for the teaching Cyber Security with hands-on Competitions, and
Whereas he has been recognized for his outstanding leadership in promoting Information Assurance educational programs, and
Whereas his leadership has been instrumental in developing cyber competitions in information assurance, and
Whereas he has consistently been available to support and address The Colloquium, and
Whereas he has given generously of his leadership to colleges and universities around the nation, and
Whereas he has been recognized, nominated, and elected by the Colloquium Board of Directors for his continuing contribution,
Therefore let it be known that the Student Award will be named the "Erich Spengler Student Cyber Paper" from this day forth.

W. V. Maconachy, Ph.D., Chairman

Erich Spengler