Teach two courses (6-8 credits) per semester (fall, spring, and summer). This includes integration of best practices for engaging in women and other underrepresented groups in computer science, sharing course materials with other instructors, focus on excellence in instruction and engagement of students, assessment of learning, and continuous improvement. Courses to be taught may include Introduction to Computer Science and Information Technology, Python Programming, Data Structures, and others as needed by the department and WiCS program.

WiCS Program

Build and maintain WiCS mentoring, internship, research programs to enhance female engagement and success in Computer Science. Such program components will also support students from other underrepresented groups, including low-income students. Build an engaging cohort program that provides excellent support, encouragement, and opportunities for women in computer science and information technology.

Outreach and Communication / Recruiting

Develop and distribute material for promoting WiCS including print, online, and social media forms. Respond to inquiries about NMT WiCS programs. Recruiting: Visit schools to introduce WiCS via engaging, interactive discussions and mini workshops. Use best practices for development of a summer WiCS boot camp for recruiting females in CS.

Research and Analysis

Continues research on best practices for engagement and success of underrepresented students in CS. Work with Principal investigator and Department Chair to assess effectiveness of our WiCS program, continue improving program, and publish results to promote WiCS, the department, and newly developed best practices.

Proposal Writing/Fundraising

Work with department faculty to write proposal to increase funding for WiCS, e.g. to raise funds for research opportunities for students in WiCS. Fundraising: Work with department faculty and the Advancement Office to do fundraising for WiCS.

Additional Assignments

Assist Principal Investigator and Department Chair with continuing improvement and engagement of programs. Other duties, such as supplemental advising may be assigned as needed.

Required Qualifications

Master’s degree in Computer Science or Information Technology or closely related field. Ability to teach introductory computer science courses with engaging, interactive style. Ability to conduct research on engagement and success of underrepresented students. Ability to develop, enhance, and maintain unrepresented students mentoring, internship, and research opportunity program. Ability to deal effectively and tactfully with a wide range of individuals. Ability to use proper English grammar, spelling, punctuation, and format for marketing. Ability to analyze problems, research approaches, make decisions, and implement solutions. Ability to accurately oversee budgets and accounts. Ability to be outgoing and engaging in communications with students, parents, and other educators. Project Development and Management desired. Knowledge and skills in using databases, social media, online recruiting desired. Experience teaching, assessment, and outreach desired. Ph.D. in Computer Science or Information Technology or closely related field desired.


You may send applications for job postings to:

New Mexico Tech, Human Resources Office 801 Leroy Pl, Brown Hall Socorro, NM 87801-4796 or by fax 575-835-5337.

Applications are not accepted via e-mail. For more information on job listings contact Human Resources, phone: 575-835-5206.

Source: http://www.nmt.edu/hr-jobs-at-nmt