Leigh Ann DeLyser

Director of Education & Research, CSNYC / CSforAll Consortium

Leigh Ann DeLyser is a lifelong advocate of computer science education. Leigh Ann is currently the Director of Education and Research at CSNYC and co-chair of the national CSforAll Consortium. She directs CSNYC's research agenda, co-directs the CSforAll Consortium, consults on the evaluation of CS4All in NYC, and advises on the implementation of CS education in NYC classrooms. Leigh Ann is an experienced computer science teacher, education researcher, textbook author, College Board consultant, certified professional developer, and curriculum writer. Leigh Ann is a co-author of the report “Running On Empty: The Failure to Teach K12 Computer Science in the Digital Age.” Leigh Ann holds a Ph.D. in Computer Science Education from Carnegie Mellon University.