Discovery of Insights on Cybersecurity Education from Twitter Using Analytics
Cover - CISSE Volume 5, Issue 2


Twitter Analytics
Cybersecurity Education
Sentiment Analysis
Visual Analytics


There are enormous amount of data generated about various topic or organizations on several matters on cyberspace on a daily basis. The challenge is what and how to extract useful information and knowledge from such data. We used IBM® Analytics™ for the retrieval, extraction and analysis of social media contents on the topic Cybersecurity education. The contents were from Twitter, and the time frame selected was from January 1, 2015 to March 14, 2017. One thousand three hundred eighty seven (1,387) tweets that have both #cybersecurity and #education hashtags were retrieved, relevant data were extracted and analysis was performed using Watson Analytics. We are able to identify patterns and discover useful insights. The trends of the tweets, distribution of the geographic locations (countries and states) and gender of the authors of the tweets were presented. Furthermore, in order to understand the tone of the tweets, results of sentiment analysis were presented including overall sentiments and sentiments by gender as well as by states for USA. The discovered insights such as the several trends and sentiments towards Cybersecurity education can be used for policy and program development in Cybersecurity education, as well as recruitment and retention of students in Cybersecurity education.