Develop and Disseminate Hands-on Lab Materials of Privacy Concepts and Technologies to Educators
Cover - CISSE Volume 11, Issue 1


Data Privacy
Relationship Privacy
Image Privacy
Location Privacy
Web Tracking
IoT Security and Privacy


In the era of digitalization, a massive amount of data has been generated from people’s online activities or use of portable/wearable devices. The data often carries rich information about people. Therefore, privacy technologies are needed, from data generation to usage and from transmission to storage, to protect people’s sensitive information. Although the research community is making great progress in addressing advanced privacy protection technologies, very few educational materials have been developed to incorporate the latest research results and engage students in learning privacy technologies, especially for younger generations. In this paper, we present our newly designed educational materials on privacy technologies, which can be used for training high quality cybersecurity professionals to meet the ever-increasing demand. The developed learning modules not only incorporate the latest research results in privacy technologies but also include effective hand-on lab activities. To help other institutions effectively teach privacy technologies, we organized a faculty training workshop in summer 2022. Twenty-nine faculty from twenty institutions nationwide participated in the training. Survey results show that the participants gained a better understanding of privacy issues and demonstrated strong interest in teaching privacy technologies after attending the workshop.