Creating a Practical Education in Space Cybersecurity Through Antenna Design and Implementation
Cover - CISSE Volume 11, Issue 1


Space Systems
Antenna Design
Software-defined radios


With the increasing concerns over cybersecurity and space systems preparing the next generation of cybersecurity professionals is critical. In this research, undergraduate and graduate students were exposed to cybersecurity and space systems through practical antenna design and implementation in hopes of capturing pirate communication signals while in the Western Kentucky area. Students designed and built turnstile and helical antennas that focused on the 255 MHz and 318 MHz frequencies that interfaced with software-defined radios. With these systems, students were able to capture a limited range of low earth orbiting (LEO) satellite communications while ascertaining an understanding of satellite communication fundamentals. Overall, students were able to gain an understanding of antenna design, the importance of radio frequency, and satellite communications.