We are looking for academic and industry volunteers to assist with the development of CSEC2017, the first set of global Cybersecurity curricular guidelines. As you may know, CSEC2017 is a collaboration between international computing societies ACM, IEEE CS, AIS SIGSEC, and IFIP.

The CSEC2017 identifies 6 cybersecurity knowledge areas: data, software, system, human, organizational, and society security.

Knowledge area content is structured with knowledge units - thematic groupings that encompass multiple, related topics; topics - curricular content; and learning outcomes - a description of what students should know or be able to do at the end of each topic. The content is informed by cross cutting concepts (confidentiality, integrity, availability, risk, and adversarial thinking); and influenced by the disciplinary lens (computer science, computer engineering, software engineering, information technology, information systems) that forms the foundation of the curriculum. (Note: we will not explore the mixed disciplinary lens in this iteration of the curricular guidelines.)

We are looking for volunteers to work with Dr. Burley and I on this working group. Please read about this Working Group's tasks and topic coverage following and contact one of us to volunteer. Herb Mattord at hmattord@kennesaw.edu or Diana Burley dburley@gwu.edu.