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Cyber Competition Awards Grant Opportunity - Broad Agency Announcement #BAA-004-15

Attached is the Broad Agency Announcement #BAA-004-15 for the FY 2015 Cyber Competition Awards. Proposal submissions shall be submitted via email to by the closing date & time provided in the BAA (14 May 2015, NLT 12:00 pm EST).

Any inquires regarding this BAA shall be submitted via email to the Contracting/Grants Specialist listed in the BAA. Please confirm receipt of this BAA via email no later than 21 April 2015 . Provide No-Bid or Intent to Bid notifications to the Contracting/Grants Specialist via email no later than 24 April 2015.

Additional clarification is provided herein:

  1. Community Colleges are considered eligible applicants
  2. In accordance with Section 1.2 "The National Security Agency is soliciting grants or cooperative agreements for provision of awards or scholarships to winners of cyber competitions at the high school and/or college level". This section also states that competitions will be supported by "providing monetary support for awards and/or scholarships for winners of these competitions." Funds shall not be used for anything else.