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22nd Colloquium

Success in the Tech Economy

  • Concluded
  • June 11, 2018
  • 2:00 PM to 3:00 PM
  • Poydras

Cyber Jobs are everywhere and will continue to grow in the future. However, there are not nearly enough qualified individuals to fill these critical jobs. In this session, learn about the trends in cybersecurity and the critical role that academic institutions play in preparing the next generation of cyber workers for Success in the Tech Economy.

Kirk Smallwood

VP, Business Development
One could say that I am truly a "Tech Association Guy". I have been in the technology association world for more than 21 years. In retrospect, I gravitated towards tech associations because: 1). Technology is fascinating and I love how it helps us lead better, more productive lives. There is also such an amazing opportunity in technology jobs, as IT is THE industry now and in the future. 2) I strongly believe in the power of associations, which allow competitors to come together in an effort to make their industry stronger. It is one of the best examples of "a rising tide raises all ships".

Currently, I am VP of Business Development of the US Academic Sales team, as well as for Canada and Latin America, for CompTIA and have been with CompTIA for more than 8 years. We partner with more than 3,000 academic institutions to help students succeed in IT careers. I am truly passionate about helping people understand the tremendous opportunities for them in IT careers. Previously at CompTIA, I was VP of Strategic Alliances, forging partnerships with other associations and media.

Before CompTIA, I spent 13 years as Director of Sales at the Consumer Technology Association (CTA) helping to put together the largest technology show in the world, the International CES. On the personal side, I have two fantastic kids, Ben and Maggie, who keep me busy with their various activities--school, baseball, softball, basketball and anything else they can get into. I am also extremely passionate about animals and nature. I think animals are amazingly smart and we can learn so much from them. Why we don't do everything possible to ensure their future is beyond me. I recently took a life changing safari to Tanzania and my next big adventure will be an eco-tour of Thailand. I think a safari should be a required trip for everyone--it is impossible to not come away with a huge respect and appreciation for all animals.

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The Colloquium recognizes that the protection of information and infrastructures that are used to create, store, process, and communicate information is vital to business continuity and security. The Colloquium's goal is to work together to define current and emerging requirements for information assurance education and to influence and encourage the development and expansion of information assurance curricula, especially at the graduate and undergraduate levels.


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