Award Recipients


2014 Business Leadership of the Year

Cypherpath's mission is to enable organizations to easily manage cyber infrastructure using a single holistic platform to rapidly provision needed IT resources with ease, flexibility and scalability. This includes; routers and switches, software applications, and storage entirely in software. The company founders, Kevin Rogers and Art Payne started the software company in 2010 to help organizations improve their cyber preparedness.

Kevin Rogers (left): Mr. Kevin Rogers is widely recognized as an expert in the education and training industry. His career started as a founder and vice president of sales with Knowlogy Inc. during the 1990s. He fined tuned his skills and gained critical insight during 10 years as Vice President of Public Sector at Global Knowledge. His innovative ideas, highly valued partnerships and respected leadership skills has contributed over $270 million in training and education industry growth since 1991.

Through exhaustive research and experience, Mr. Rogers realized the urgent need to respond to market demands by forming a company in cybersecurity education and training. He cofounded Cypherpath and created a group of thought leaders and cyber-security experts in education to enable organizations to produce highly skilled workforce-ready individuals and help them become Cyber Ready.

Art Payne (right): Mr. Art Payne has been in the technology, training and education industry for 22 years. Mr. Payne serves in a leadership role as Executive Vice-President with a focus on sales, marketing, branding and business development.

Mr. Payne is a member of the Northern Virginia Technology Council, Cyber Security and Privacy committee, and sits on the Professional Development Executive Strategy Committee with the Armed Forces Communications and Electronics Association, and is curriculum co-chair for the Coalition for Advancing Cybersecurity Education. He also serves as a member of the Information Systems Security Association (NOVA and Central VA Chapters), and is a member of InfraGard. He is a former President of the Transnational Organized Crime Research Center.

Mr. Payne serves as a mentor and network stars leader in support of Virginia's Premier Market-Centric Cyber Security Accelerator, MACH37, housed in the Center for Innovative Technology. Mr. Payne's current focus is on Environment Virtualization as a method for training, testing, modeling and simulation for realistic cyber experiences.